CompTape aims at manufacturing efficient thermoplastic composite tapes: the right quality at the right price.

CompTape does not aim at aerospace quality in terms of fibre volume fraction, smoothness, void content, narrow tolerances on width and thickness et cetera, simply  because most applications do not require aerospace quality.

CompTape takes the end application as a starting point and the definition of the thermoplastic composite tape as a result.

In many cases Twintex from FGI is the well-known reference in the composites market. If you are looking for a European alternative: contact CompTape! 






Currently we have available the following raw materials in stock to produce tapes with:



Resins: PP, HDPE, LDPE, PC-ABS; PA6/PA66; PA12



Fibres: glass, carbon and aramid fibre




We have ample glass/PP tape in stock; just contact CompTape if you want to have a sample. On our R&D line we can run small amounts of tape at your specific request. But let us know what you are going to use it for!